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Snowdrift Lake Avalanche Canyon 7.25.19

With continued warm weather up high, the trails and passes throughout the park are primarily snow free, and the mountains are filled with hikers and climbers. As of right now, the Teton Crest Trail is essentially dry and most hikers will find little use for an ice axe along the entirety of the trail, including Paintbrush Divide. With that being said, expect to cross some snow and steep, loose, wet rock along the Divide, which may be difficult to navigate. In short, it still remains an area of caution. On the Grand Teton, popular routes like the Owen-Spalding and Upper Exum are now dry, and an ice axe is not needed at this point. Be mindful of changing conditions throughout the season. The range has seen regular and significant rain showers and thunderstorms. These storms coupled with low temperatures in the upper elevations can create icy conditions on many of the high peaks.  While these icy or verglass conditions often improve quickly keep an eye on the sky and get an early start to avoid being caught out during afternoon storms.