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APRIL 10, 2016

Spring conditions exist throughout the range. This means that you should expect to encounter wide temperature fluctuations at all elevations. On clear days the sun will create rapid warming on south facing slopes in the afternoon causing wet snow avalanches. These avalanches can be large and very destructive. Pay close attention to the location of your campsite and evaluate the likelihood of an avalanche reaching your camp. While in the shade and protected from the warmth of the sun, north facing slopes are not immune to avalanche activity or falling ice and rock. Terrain evaluation on these slopes should also involve the ridgelines and summits that could be getting direct solar radiation. Rain in the valley can also be a good indicator that warm unstable conditions exist at upper elevations.
Lake ice is starting to recede. Open water can be seen north of Wilcox point on Jackson Lake. Most areas of the lakes are still very thick but recent warm temperatures have created widespread pooling and pockets of slush.