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MARCH 9, 2016

Winter is not over yet. Late February and early March experienced a period of high pressure and very warm valley temperatures followed by significant snowfall. For summaries of the latest snowpack check out the Bridger Teton Avalanche Center’s website at:
At elevations above 9,500’ we have seen ice formations form and/ or thicken up. The Owen Spalding route on the Grand Teton is most likely in prime winter climbing conditions if you are looking for mixed climbing. As spring progresses, please be aware that all this new ice will be coming off the rock as we move into warmer days. Couloirs, gullies, and chutes will all be affected by falling ice and wet avalanches. Get an early start and think about the consequences of falling debris during your ascent/ descent.

Because of the long warming trends in the valley, the lake ice is beginning to melt off near inlets and near some shorelines. Monitor changing conditions during your crossings and stay well clear of open water. 
Photos were taken on February 23, 2016.
Middle Teton from the Platforms
 Cloudveil Peak and S. Fork of Garnet Canyon
 North Face of Disappointment, Grand Teton, and Mount Owen