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 A series of storms over the past week has deposited over a foot of fresh snow in the mountains, and several good dustings down to the valley floor. Cold temperatures have kept most of the snow, and even as the forecast warms a bit, expect this snow to stick around. 

As the seasons change, remember that Grand Teton National Park infrastructure and services are downsizing for the winter. This includes decreased staffing and decreased availability of rapid rescue operations. 

WYSAW — Teton County Search and Rescue (tetoncountysar.org)

To start gearing up for and thinking about a fun and safe winter, we hope you'll join us at the Wyoming Snow and Avalanche Workshop, October 22-23. WYSAW will have a live event, as well as virtual attendance for those who can't be there in person. 

Be safe out there!


Fresh snow adorns the Tetons this morning! - 9.20.21

A strong cold front passed over the range on Sunday drastically changing conditions above 10,000 feet.  While this snow is likely to melt off on east and south aspects, it will not on the north and west ones!  Snow, ice and verglas will be present the rest of the season on the Owen Spalding route, requiring advanced skills and proper equipment to negotiate safely!  All backcountry users should acknowledge the shorter days, cooler temperatures and come prepared with a weather forecast available at www.mountainweather.com

Climbers attempting other popular routes in the Teton Range should be prepared for shifting weather, unexpected alpine conditions, and cold nights, which can produce ice and verglas on multiple aspects and elevations. Weather and climbing conditions in the Tetons can change rapidly with each passing storm. Adequate preparation, appropriate gear, and self sufficiency are of the upmost importance when venturing into the mountains, especially during this time of year.

Backcountry permits are required for overnight trips into the backcountry and can be obtained at the Craig Thomas Discovery & Visitor Center in Moose until October 31st.  Staffing in the park can become limited this time of year resulting in rescue response times being longer than in peak summer season.

The Jenny Lake ranger station is closed for the season. The staff will make an effort to update conditions for the Grand and other popular peaks throughout the remainder of the month, however, expect cold alpine conditions in the mountains as we move into fall.


The backcountry of Grand Teton is bustling, and popular camping zones throughout the Teton Crest Trail and Garnet Canyon are filling up every day. Hikers and climbers hoping to receive walk-in permits for backcountry itineraries should plan to be at the permit office or Jenny Lake ranger station as early as possible the day before they want to begin their trip to ensure they have the most options for their trip. 

It has been a hot and dry summer, many seasonal creeks are drying up and all the seasonal snow is gone.  Many permanent snow fields and glaciers are taking a hit as well.  Most mountain routes are dry and in good shape, however, with incoming weather this week things could change quickly.  Always be prepared for any weather conditions, it is not uncommon to see extreme temperatures in the mountains this time of year.  Any precipitation that falls at the upper elevations could be in the form of rain, hail, or snow.  We are currently experiencing smoky skies due to western wildfires.


Effective immediately the closure on Baxter's Pinnacle is lifted and climber's can now approach and climb on it.  

We have experienced a pretty significant shift in the weather pattern the last couple of days, and the trend of infiltrating monsoonal moisture and isolated, potentially heavy afternoon thunderstorms is expected to continue into next week.  Pay close attention to afternoon cloud build up and get down if it looks threatening as these cells have the potential to be deadly.

The Paintbrush Divide delays are ongoing - see flyer in previous post.  The Jenny Lake Ranger Station is open daily, from 8am to 5pm.  Please stop in and see us for the latest information on conditions prior to your trip into the backcountry.  The visitor centers in Moose and Colter Bay are also open, and park information and backcountry camping permits that do not involve climbing can be obtained at these locations from 8am to 5pm.  Backcountry camping permits and bear canisters are required for all overnight trips into Grand Teton NP.