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JULY 27, 2012

Many of the routes in the Tetons are snow free, and approaches and descents on numerous routes can be accomplished without an ice axe.  Snow is still hanging on in some places around the range; check the individual route conditions pages for details.

JULY 14, 2012

Photo of Grand Teton / Mt. Owen / Teton Glacier - 7/12/12
Summer conditions in the Tetons.  Many routes no longer require an ice axe, such as the Exum and Owen Spalding Routes on the Grand, Irene's Arete, Symmetry Spire, etc...  An ice axe is still recommended for other areas however; check the individual route pages for details.

JULY 5, 2012

Conditions are melting out on the Grand Teton.  The fixed rope is now melted out on the Lower Saddle Headwall.   No ice axe necessary for the OS or Exum routes.  Some other areas of the range have melted out as well.  Check the individual route condition pages for more information.
Sunset at the Lower Saddle - 7/5/12


Fire Danger in the Teton Range has already reached extremely high levels due to prolonged hot and dry conditions over the past several weeks.  Restrictions are in place to prevent the start of wild fires.  Please help out by adhering to them! 

Climbers should also be aware that the weather is forecast to change significantly starting on Thursday with the arrival of some monsoonal moisture from the southwest.  This will greatly increase the chance of severe afternoon thunderstorms across the Teton Range.  Climbers should pay close attention to the weather and be prepared for these storms.