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JUNE 27, 2013

The NPS hut at the Lower Saddle was successfully set up over the past two days signaling the start of the peak climbing season on the Grand Teton.  Rangers will conduct regular climbing patrols from it during the next two and a half months.  

Remote weather station data from the Lower Saddle is now also available by clicking on the link on the right.


JUNE 18, 2013

 Things have been heating up in the Park with multiple search and rescue operations over the last two days in both the North and South Districts. Check out the links to peaks in Garnet Canyon, Teton Crest Trail and the North Fork Cascade for updated photos taken from the air. They'll give you a good sense of snow coverage in the Range.

Although the snow is melting fast, conditions still warrant an ice axe and crampons and good snow travel skills on steep slopes.

View from Lower Saddle up to North Ridge, Middle Teton

JUNE 15, 2013

Snow continues melting away. Here are some recent photos of the Range from the top of Symmetry Spire.

Picture of Saint Johns.                                                     
 Picture up the distant North Fork of Cascade Canyon 
View into the head of Hanging Canyon and The Jaw

JUNE 8, 2013

Snow continues melting fast! Check out photos in the links to Symmetry Spire, Hanging Canyon and Grand Teton.

View of the Tetons from Symmetry Spire.

JUNE 4, 2013

JUNE 4, 2013 - photo above of Teton Glacier, the North Face of the Grand, and the aprons of Mt Owen, taken while descending Teewinot's southwest couloirs.  Warm temps and last night's cloud cover made for a poor refreeze and we kicked boot-top to shin deep steps up the east face of Teewinot.  For more info, check the Teewinot page.