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Recent weather in the park is reminding us that winter is on the way.  The valley is primarily snow free, but a recent storm that has since melted away is beginning to build the winter snow pack up high.  We can say this with much higher confidence today thanks to our two brand new weather stations in the Surprise Lake area!  The Surprise Meadow station is indicating 14" of snow on the ground right now...The other station on Surprise Pinnacle is telling us that while raining in the valley, temperatures at 9,500' remain below freezing.  This information is part of an interagency effort to increase the data available to the Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center for daily forecasts.  The Lower Saddle weather station will also remain in service this winter as long as Mother Nature allows it!  Links to these stations are available on the Homepage and we encourage you to use them throughout the winter season.  

Installing the Surprise Pinnacle weather station - Sept. 2018