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JANUARY 17, 2016

Over the past several days a series of recent storms have deposited quite a bit of snow on the Teton Range. These storm cycles have also brought  a fair amount of wind and temperatures in the mid twenties. In many areas this combination has created upside down snow conditions and slabs, thereby increasing the likelihood of avalanches. Alpine routes are probably looking pretty good if you can get there without being wiped out by a large slide. This is a good time to reign it in and plan your trip for a later date.
Please use good judgment when planning your trip and consult the Bridger Teton Avalanche Forecast at: http://www.jhavalanche.org/ 
There is a lot of great information on the avalanche site so take some time to be studious. Look at the forecasts during the previous five days and note the trends; check out the avalanche map and read the reports, and practice your avalanche rescue skills.
All area lakes are frozen over