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UPDATE.....MAY 10, 2012
Grizzly #610 and her two cubs were spotted at the Lupine Meadows Trailhead this afternoon!  Please be extra vigilant and follow all food storage regulations!  

Bear #399 - Fall 2008
With the ever-retreating snowline and increasing available habitat, bears are continuing to roam far and wide in Grand Teton National Park.  There have been reports of recent sightings of both black and grizzly bears in the southern end of the Park.  Climbers and hikers should remain alert when traveling in the backcountry.  

With the increased activity of bears, appropriate precautions must be taken. Visitors are advised to carry bear spray, keep it easily accessible and know how to properly handle it. Backcountry hikers should exercise good judgment, stay alert, and follow these recommended safety precautions: make noise, travel in a group of three or more, and maintain a 100-yard distance from bears at all times.